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The Hall of Legists is currently the entrance to the museum

From 1611 to 1613 the Legists’ Guild was granted the possibility of conducting their assemblies and from there derives its name.
In 1615, the Money Changers’ Guild commissioned Gianpiero Zuccari from the region of Marche, the task of carrying out the wooden furnishings of the hall.
The room is covered in austere walnut posterns, decorated by female masks in relief alternating with garlands. The courthouse, which currently houses the ticket office, is located in a niches on the back wall, surmounted by a plaque with the emblem of the Art, a griffin on the chest.
Of notable value are the four statues in the round representing the Cardinal Virtues placed on the mirrors of the reredos, and the Madonna with Child between two Saints, which adorns the intrados of the niche.